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A full day with teachers at Warner Unified School District

posted Apr 10, 2012, 9:12 AM by Alicia Gallegos Butters
Monday, April 9,2012 was a beautiful day in Warner Springs, CA. Joe Hartman, Mary Kraus and I drove out to Warner Springs early Monday morning to conduct an all day Google Apps for Education training. Teachers, staff and students are in the process of transitioning to GAFE and the training could not have gone better. By the end of the day, all teachers in the room had successfully met all the objectives of the training, which were to send/receive email, create a presentation, share a drawing, use the calendar as a lesson planning tool and begin a website.  Feedback received was that GAFE was a tool that was not only easy to learn, but would make their teaching lives easier.

We will be heading out for one more training and I am sure it will be great. Thank you Warner Unified for a great day!