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Game Changers?

posted Nov 16, 2011, 5:42 PM by johartman@sdcoe.net
Today we met with Keith Wright of Ramona Unified School District. In talking about his newly formed Google Apps implementation and this website we're building, he mentioned a great idea for something he called “game changers” which we hadn’t really thought of before. Basically a "game changer" would be an entire “approach” rather than just a lesson. One example might be collaborative mindmaps with the kids using Google Drawings, or setting up digital “dropbox” collections in Google Docs for entire classes to use. Other ideas we discussed were using Google Calendar for lesson planning and parent communication, or just using Google Docs to record collaborative minutes of staff meetings. In any case, “game changers” seems like a good thing to include on this site as they would be more than just how-to lessons, so I think we’re going to add a few into the site when we have a chance. Thanks Keith!