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Series 3 Workshop

posted Jun 9, 2014, 4:15 PM by johartman@sdcoe.net
SAMR modelAs we've progressed through GAFE trainings, we've come to refer to our workshops as existing either in Series 1 or Series 2. Series 1 workshops are for beginners, and they focus on skills acquisition. In other words, a Series 1 workshop is a How To workshop. Series 2 workshops assume the learners have the basic skills already, and instead focuses on how the tools can be used in the classroom to further student achievement. We do our best to differentiate our Series 2 workshops for all grade levels and disciplines, which doesn't even factor into the Series 1 workshops for the most part.

We have recently been working on a Series 3 workshop though. We envision these workshops on focusing on the integration of the GAFE tools in the classroom, so that the tools are working together to enable learning that wouldn't be possible with a single tool alone. We also try to infuse the SAMR model into the Series 3 workshops, so that we are focused more on the M and R of SAMR where Series 2 workshops might be more S and A focused.

Tomorrow we will deliver our first Series 3 workshop for Ramona Unified School District, and we are excited to see how it is received. I'll post back here with some reflection after tomorrow's training.