Google Calendar - Embedding a Calendar

Every calendar in your Google Calendar can be embedded into a web page on any website provider. If your calendar is public, anyone viewing the webpage will be able to view your calendar. Any events you add to your calendar will automatically appear on all of your embedded calendars automatically.

  1. On the left hand side of your Google Calendar you will see a list of all your calendars. Click the little down-facing triangle adjacent to the calendar you want to publish. From the calendar's drop-down menu, select "Calendar Settings".


  2. In the Calendar Settings page there is an area at the bottom called Embed This Calendar. Use your mouse to highlight and copy the HTML code shown to the right of the calendar image.

    Embed a Calendar

  3. The web pages you want to embed your calendar into may have explicit instructions for embedding content, but in general, the strategy is to paste the code you copied from the Calendar Settings page into the HTML code on the web page you are embedding into.*
*These instructions do not pertain to embedding a Google Calendar into a Google Site. You can embed a Google Calendar into a Google Site by selecting the "Calendar" option under the "Insert" menu in Google Sites.