Google Documents - Indenting, Bullets, and Numbering

  1. To indent your the first sentence of your paragraph you will have to use the ruler bar. The ruler bar has a light blue diamond located on it.

  2. Click on the bar part of the line only, hold down your mouse and move it half way to the 1.

  3. Begin typing. You will see the first sentence is indented, each sentence after that is not.

  4. To add bullets, place your courser where you would like to add a bullet list.  Click on the bullet icon in the toolbar.

  5. You will now see a bullet, begin typing. Each time you hit the enter button on your keyboard a new bullet will generate.

  6. To add numbers to your document, place your courser where you would like to add a number list.  Click the Numbers icon on the toolbar.Your text will now be indented and have numbers in front of it.

  7.  If you break in your numbering you can restart numbering from here you left off. Right click on your mouse, a pop up window will appear. Start at the next number in your sequence.