Google Drive - Uploading Files

You can use your Google Drive as an online locker to store all types of files. Some files can be converted into Google's online file format so you can edit them online.
  1. To upload files to your Google Drive, use your mouse to click the Upload button.

    Upload Button

  2. Click Files... from the drop-down menu.

    Upload Files

  3. Click the file you wish to upload and click the Open button.

    Select File to Upload

  4. In the Upload Settings pop-up, check the top box to convert the file to Google's online file format or uncheck the top box to leave the file in its original format.

    Upload Settings

  5. If you choose to convert the file, you will now see a new Google file in your Google Drive. You can edit this file online using Google Apps for Education.

    New Converted File

  6. If you choose to leave the file in its current format, you will see a new file in your Google drive, but it will not have the Google file icon. To edit this file you will need to download it, make your edits, and then upload the newer file to Google Drive again.

    New Unconverted File