Google Presentations - Inserting Images and Video

  1. To add text to the slide, place your courser where you would like to type in the slide. Begin typing.

  2. To add an image to your presentation, click the Insert menu. From the drop-down menu, click Image.

  3. If your picture is saved to your computer, you can click the browse button and select your saved picture. If your picture is on the Internet, you can copy and paste the web address for the picture in the the box that says "Specify and image URL"

  4. Once you have selected your image, click the OK button and the image will insert into your slide.

  5. To add a video, click on Insert on the Menu Bar. Scroll to Video. You will be prompted to search for a video.

  6. Click the video you want to insert and click the Select Video button. The video will now embed into your presentation.