SDCOE Google Apps Workshops

Series 1: Beginner

The Series 1 workshops serve as pragmatic introductions to all of the Google Apps tools. Following along with the trainers, participants move step-by-step through basic, intermediate, and advanced tasks.

We suggest allotting at least 2 hours of training time for each Series 1 workshop.

Gmail icon
Mail, Chat, Contacts, and Calendar (Beginner)
Covering everything from Email Signatures and Vacation Auto-Replies to Appointment Slots and Video Chats, this training gives participants a solid foundation upon which to build their Google Apps experience.

Drawings, Docs, and Drive (Beginner)
Google Drive icon
A deep dive into collaborative document creation, sharing, and editing with a focus on sound file management strategies. Activities include collaborative mind maps and publishing work to the world.

Google Presentations icon
Presentations, Forms, and Spreadsheets (Beginner)

Activities focus on the interactive aspects of presentations and utility of online surveys. Spreadsheet formulas and management round out this introductory course into the world of data analysis and presentation.
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Google Classroom (Beginner)
Learn how to create and manage a Google Classroom for your students in order to push out assignments and announcements. Google Classroom is a great way to host and organize Google Apps projects with your students.

Google Sites
Sites (Intermediate)
Learn how to create email lists of contacts from across the web and how to build a live website in minutes with this introductory workshop.

Chrome Icon
Chromebooks 101 (Beginner)
Learn how Chromebooks are similar and different from other computers and how to utilize their unique features to customize your own Chromebook experience.

Evaluation Comment: "Very helpful!! Thank you!! I feel successful!!!!"

Evaluation Comment: "We love your passion, your knowledge and your ability to make this understandable - in spite of our diverse levels of technology knowledge."

Evaluation Comment: "I learned a variety of cool ways to use technology in my classroom. Thank you!"

Series 3: Project Integration

Series 3 workshops address how educators can use the Google Apps cohesively to design, develop, and deliver inquiry-based, technology-infused lessons. Multiple online tools compliment one another during different stages of the lesson development, with particular attention paid towards Common Core integration and the ways in which students will use the tools to accomplish their learning objectives.

We suggest allotting at least 4 hours of training time for each Series 3 workshop.

Google Earth Logo
The Great GAFE Project (Advanced)
Learn how Forms, Drawings, Docs, and Presentations work together to support an inquiry-based, common core aligned project.

Evaluation Comment: "Great encouragement, especially with some of us slower learners, or people with slower computers."

Evaluation Comment: "Great job balancing the levels of computer experience we have at this school! Thanks again for a great workshop. "

Series 2: Classroom Implementation

Series 2 workshops address the teachers' application of the Google Tools within specific lessons. Each workshop focuses on authenticity and relevance across the differentiated activities to ensure a consistent and explicit classroom focus within each participant's unique grade level and subject area.

We suggest allotting at least 2 hours of training time for each Series 2 workshop.

Google Drawings icon
Google Drawings (Beginner)
Collaborative KWL Charts, Mind Maps, Flow Charts, and Venn Diagrams are some of the activities highlighted in this workshop for grades K-12.

Google Docs icon
Google Docs (Beginner)
Learn how to leverage the unique characteristics of Google Documents with students in subject areas from Language Arts to Mathematics.

Google Forms icon
Google Forms (Beginner)
Simple surveys are a tool every teacher can use. Activities include formative quiz creation and parent information gathering.
Google Presentations (Beginner)
Enhance your lessons and student activities by creating group presentations, comic books, research organization tools, and student review games in this K-12 workshop.
Screencast Your Way to Student Presentations (Intermediate)
Take your presentations to the next level by learning about design theory, screencasting programs to flip your classroom, and interactive posters.
Google Search icon
Digital Citizenship (Intermediate)
Search skills, plagiarism, copyright and cyberbullying are all topics faced by students and teachers in the modern classroom. Proactively address all four issues with skills gained through this workshop. Option for this course to be taught using Google Classroom.

iGoogle icon
Common Core (Intermediate)
The new system of standards emphasizes communication and collaboration, making Google Apps the perfect toolset to meet teacher needs. Learn how to leverage features across the Google tools to address the new standards.

Google Books icon
Reader's Workshop (Intermediate)
Break the cycle of rough drafts, final drafts, and endless printer paper by converting your reader's workshop to Google Apps. Use blogs, sites, and forms to stimulate students and save paper.
Google Script icon
Google Scripts (Advanced)
Learn how to create quizzes that grade themselves and race through rubrics like never before. Google scripts take the google tools to the next level. This is a workshop for advanced users.
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